Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Who knows?

This one will have to be quick as I must must must vaccum the downstairs-- it's my only shot while the kiddo sleeps.

So, here goes:

Who knows...

-Why icecubes are sticky?
-Why moisture in the air can make us colder or hotter?
-Why my son went to sleep with a small tin cup in one hand and a train in the other?
-What toxic goo is on movie popcorn and why people want to replicate this taste at home?
-Where all the scissors have gone and why I end up cutting things with nail scissors even though we own 5 pairs of normal ones?
-Why we are so addicted to bubbles in our beverages? (I mean, I drink carbonated water, for God's sakes)
-Why I read People magazine even though I don't give a rat's ass about most celebrities?
-Why real letters, left in the mailbox, are so gratifying?
-Why two separate people who we don't know shoveled our walk this morning (one with a shovel, the other with a snowblower)?
-Why untouched snow is so satisfying, and why disturbed snow is almost repugnant?
-Why boys are so attracted to things with wheels almost as soon as they set foot outside the womb?
-Why I continue to eat things at the computer even though I've already ruined one keyboard?
-Why anyone would read the book "The Piano Player", enjoy it, and then want to see the movie?
-Why the two hours my son is napping a day are more delicious than any other time by myself?

You should be so delicious, too. Try it. Who knows?

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Nick W. said...

Well, I can't really answer all of these, but I can help with some.

--Icecubes are sticky because the moisture on your skin freezes on contact with them, making your skin "stick" to the icecube. Same principle as getting your tongue stuck to a flagpole or other metal in winter.

-- Moisture in the air effects how easily moisture on our body can evaporate. Evaporation always cools you off, and makes you feel cold in winter. It also makes you feel cool in summer, but if the air is already super-saturated with moisture-- "muggy"-- there is nowhere for the moisture on your skin to go. The air can't absorb it, and hence there is no evaporation and subsequent cooling.

-- Because he's three.

-- Dunno, but it tastes good.

-- Because you use a scissors to alter something else, and once you have done so, you continue to work on the something else. You usually don't bother putting the scissors back right away, and often it never gets back to its "home".

-- Cause it's so FIZZY!

-- Habit?

-- Nostalgia? Perhaps because it involves senses other than just sight? The tactile feel and solidity of the letter gives it greater value?

-- People in Wisconsin are nice.

-- I don't find disturbed snow repugnant, so I can't help with that. Untouched snow simply looks beautiful and pure.

-- Good question.

-- Habit.

-- Dunno, never heard of it.

-- Dunno, but enjoy them while they last. They grow out of naps quickly.