Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Funny- Haha

I came across this interview with Bill Maher on Salon.com that is really worth a looksee. Some wonderful nuggets like this one, where he's talking about Bush's upcoming "surge" in Iraq:

Most of the people in his own party are against it, even though many of them wouldn't say so out loud. But George Bush, he knows better. That is a kind of arrogance that is very hard to swallow at this point, especially when it's costing this many lives. Even the pope -- remember he said something bad about the Muslims a few months ago? The infallible pope came out and said, "Geez, my bad. That came out wrong. I didn't mean that." Yeah, the pope can say he's sorry, but this recovering alcoholic from Midland, Texas, he can't even say he's wrong.

He goes on to this really funny and true characterization of what the Democrats need to do to reframe the debate about patriotism and our course of action in the war:

what the Democrats need, I think more than anything: [is] the confidence to make the case, to say, "If I disagree with your policy, it doesn't mean I oppose the troops." If you have an exterminator come over, and he starts hitting the vermin with a hammer, individually, and you say, "I don't think this is the way we should go about this" -- you're not for the rats.

Really true, witty stuff. He also has a really funny description of Al Gore and John Kerry's failed campaigns. Well, anyhow, stop reading my writing about it and go look at it yourself. Oh if we only had HBO... who am I kidding? We still wouldn't watch it. We're just lame like that. But maybe we'd read about someone else watching. Now that would be fun!

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