Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day, Charlie Brown

I feel somewhat like my life is a plotline to a very silly Valentine's day special. Last night I got sick (yet again! this has got to stop!) and ended up most of the night in the bathroom. I think that makes five times this winter that I've had some sort of stomach bug. :( Poor me! I've GOT to stop hanging around with these toddler types... they're simply ruining my appetite.

This morning my husband graciously stayed home so I could sleep it off. Until, that is, I heard him yell "That's not a good idea, my friend!" followed by a loud crash. Then he called me "Come In Here Now!" I burst out of the bedroom to find my grinning toddler and my husband, bent over the side of our table picking up the shards of my favorite vase that had been full of tulilps.

A minor soliloquy: This was the most wonderful vase for tulips! Made in the 1930's by the McCoy pottery company, it was pale yellow and had these elegant tulips in relief on the side. I had picked it up at a Goodwill store in Colorado and I trotted it out every springtime. It was (cheesy as it sounds) my little altar for spring's return.

A quick search of Ebay shows no hits-- thus, no pics. Probably irreplaceable.

I picked up the grinning toddler (who by now was even more entertained by the reaction his little antic got) and placed him, protesting loudly, into the playpen. My husband and I cleaned up the mess and I tromped off to bed.

Now I am slowly nursing myself back to life with Sprite and oyster crackers and watching someone's shoveling service load their tools back into a dulled red pick-up. Perhaps I'll go back to bed and start all over again. Groundhog's day, anyone?

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