Saturday, May 01, 2010

What I do when I'm trying to avoid meaning

Trim cuticles
Put too many books on my library queue that I will never have time (or energy for that matter) to read
Come up with Byzantine plans for:

  • The next social gathering that I am going to host because I love being around people but hate hosting but will host anyway
  • An art project that will go awry, perhaps in the planning stages, but after having purchased all supplies
  • The yard, including an orchard, a pagoda, 1000-lb. boulders and no weeding
  • Controlling the unstoppable decay of my house, car, and everything I touch
  • How I can best torture myself about some social commitment that I really don't want to fulfill but can't say no to.  Because I can't say no to it, OK?
Oooooh!  Recipes from the New York Times!  I'd LOVE to try and use pomegranite molasses again. OK, that makes me disgusted.  There's avoiding meaning and there's gossip-porn.  Let's not go THERE.
Baby Gap.  Because your baby looks cuter in clothes that have been assembled by her contemporaries.
Doesn't it seem like it's been an awful long time since something was recalled?  I should check and see if the crib/medicines/toys/clothes/food has been recalled.  It HAS!  Oh crap.  I'm a bad mom.  I shouldn't waste time on meaningless things and I should hug my children more.  Really, what's more important than a hug?

Cereal.  In front of the computer.

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Anke said...

Ah...I can relate...and you should add,, and to your blog roll.