Friday, April 23, 2010

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I've been MIA from the blog for-- scarily enough-- almost two years now.  In-between I've been busy gestating and then raising my adorable baby girl... a worthwhile cause, as you can see.

Did I mention that said baby girl hasn't been the most stellar napper in her almost 1 year of existence on this planet?  I mention it now because, like clockwork, she has awakened.  Babies must hear some special high-pitched frequencies when their mothers sit down to do anything of meaning.

And so, there goes my start.  At least I've dipped my toesies in the pool again.  Oh, and at least while I finish typing this sentence the baby's syllables sound slippery-sweet.

Welcome back to the world...

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Sumita said...

Really glad you are starting up again! Kisses.