Monday, September 10, 2007

Tendering Words

One of the things that I'm amazed about with my son at this age is what he does, thinks and says when he's playing by himself.

This afternoon, as our iTunes picked an interesting mix of Vivaldi, REM, Keb Mo', Ray Charles and Coolio (yes, Coolio), my toddler guy was playing contentedly by himself.

At one point I heard him say, "helmet guy, we share with our friends!"

Last week, after he awoke from his nap, everything was cool. "Cool helmet, helmet guy!"

Today, he kept referring to himself as "Sweet boy."

You see, it's almost impossible for me at this point to have an independent thought from my son. I'm so enraptured with his language development that apparently I've turned into the parrot.


...And some sad news in the parrot world: Alex, the grey parrot, is no longer amongst the living.

He was, according to his obit, one of the world's most developed bird-brains: He knew over 100 words.

Apparently, the night before he died, when "his" researcher put him back in his cage, he said, "You be good, see you tomorrow. I love you.”


Anonymous said...

I think you go to some kind of Mommy Jail for saying this...but I think babies are fine, particularly when they're someone else's but I love, love, love being a mother once my kids start talking. It's my absolute favorite. They are so miraculous. There was once no person and then suddenly there's a person who thinks their very own thoughts and says amazing things. I'd love it if my kids could beam out at this stage :)

Helmet guy :D Too rich!!!

Nick W. said...

He's passed on. He's kicked the bucket. He's shuffled off this mortal coil and joined the bleedin' angels. If you hadn't nailed him to his perch he'd be pushing up daisies right now!

This parrot is NO MORE!

Sorry, couldn't resist the temptation of throwing in the Monty Python dead parrot skit. Simply couldn't help myself.